Sandwich Panel Screws


Discover premium Sandwich Panel Screws at SHIMAI HARDWARE. Our screws offer unmatched strength, precision engineering, and easy installation. Perfect for roofing, cladding, and more. Click to learn how our screws can enhance your projects!

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    self drilling screw

    Sandwich Panel Screws Manufacturer

    Sandwich Panel Screws

    Double Thread Self Drilling Screw

    Self Drilling Drywall Screw

    Application of Sandwich Panel Screw
    · Roof and wall panel over rigid insulation to steel framing     · Roof panel over spacer block and insulation to eaves purlin

    Black Phosphated Black Phosphated
    White Blue Zinc Plated White Blue Zinc Plated
    Yellow Zinc Plated Yellow Zinc Plated
    Nickel Plated Nickel Plated
    Ruspert Ruspert
    Dacromet Dacromet
    Hot Dip Galvanized Hot Dip Galvanized
    Usual Data
    d: M4.2-M6.3
    point: #3, #4, #5

    Suggested application
    point #3 < 5 mm
    point #4 < 8 mm
    point #5 < 12 mm

    Size 5.5x 6.3x
    (mm) 60














    #12x #14x
    (inch) 2-3/8"














    Packaging & Shipping
    screws color box Color box
    screws White box White box
    screws Brown box Brown box

    About delivery

    For Sandwich Panel Screw orders with a total order of less than 30 tons, if there are no special circumstances, we will ship within 20 days after ordering

    Packaging details

    1. We have several sizes of packing dimensions, can be 20kg or 25kg per carton.
    2. For large orders, we can design specific sizes of boxes and cartons.
    3. Normal Packing: 1000pcs/500pcs/250pcs per small box. then small boxes into cartons.
    4. Can provide special packings as middle east clients requests.


    Q: What is the MOQ for Sandwich Panel Screws ?
    A: Our screw MOQ is usually 1 ton per size.

    Q: Can we print our own logo on packaging or Sandwich Panel Screws?
    A: Yes, packing and Sandwich Panel Screws we can make according to your requirements.

    Q: How long is the delivery time for Sandwich Panel Screw?
    A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

    Q: What is your payment term?
    A: Generally, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment or against B/L copy.

    Q: Are you trading company or Sandwich Panel Screw manufacturer?
    A: We are direct Sandwich Panel Screw manufacturer, who owns production lines and workers. No need to worry about extra charges by the middle man or trader.

    about Sandwich Panel Screws

    Sandwich Panel Screws from SHIMAI HARDWARE: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Installations

    When it comes to constructing high-quality sandwich panels, choosing the right fasteners is crucial. At SHIMAI HARDWARE, we specialize in manufacturing top-of-the-line sandwich panel screws designed to meet the highest industry standards. Our screws ensure that your panels are securely fastened, providing durability and stability for a wide range of applications.

    Understanding Sandwich Panel Screws

    Sandwich panel screws are specialized fasteners used to join composite panels. These panels typically consist of a core material sandwiched between two metal sheets. The screws must penetrate the metal surface and anchor into the core material without causing damage. This unique requirement demands precision engineering and superior material quality.

    Why Choose SHIMAI HARDWARE Sandwich Panel Screws?

    High-Quality Materials: Our screws are made from premium-grade steel, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions. The superior tensile strength and corrosion resistance of our materials guarantee longevity and reliability.
    Precision Engineering: Each screw is crafted to exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit every time. This precision reduces the risk of damage to the panels and ensures a secure attachment.
    Versatility: Whether you're working on industrial buildings, commercial complexes, or residential projects, our sandwich panel screws are versatile enough to meet the demands of various construction scenarios.
    Ease of Installation: Designed for easy and quick installation, our screws reduce labor costs and installation time. The threads are engineered to provide a smooth drive and tight grip, minimizing slippage and the risk of panel movement.
    Compliance and Certification: SHIMAI HARDWARE’s products meet international standards for safety and quality. Our screws are thoroughly tested and certified to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of the construction industry.

    Applications of Sandwich Panel Screws

    Our sandwich panel screws are used in a multitude of applications, including but not limited to:

    Roofing and Cladding: Providing secure fastening for sandwich panels used in roofing and external cladding.
    Cold Storage: Essential for maintaining the integrity of insulated panels in cold storage facilities.
    Prefabricated Buildings: Ideal for the construction of prefabricated and modular buildings, offering strength and stability.
    Industrial Enclosures: Ensuring the secure assembly of enclosures used to house machinery and equipment.

    Features of SHIMAI HARDWARE Sandwich Panel Screws

    Galvanized Coating: Each screw features a galvanized coating that enhances its corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in environments exposed to moisture and chemicals.
    Self-Drilling Tip: The self-drilling tip allows for easy penetration of metal surfaces without the need for pre-drilling, saving time and effort.
    Sealing Washer: Many of our screws come with an integrated sealing washer to provide a watertight seal, preventing leaks and ensuring the longevity of the panel system.

    The SHIMAI HARDWARE Advantage

    At SHIMAI HARDWARE, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. Our sandwich panel screws are designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring ease of use, reliability, and exceptional performance. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you with product selection, technical advice, and any other inquiries you may have.

    Contact Us

    Ready to enhance your construction projects with the best sandwich panel screws on the market? Visit our product page to learn more. For bulk orders or specific requirements, contact us directly, and our team will be happy to assist you.


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      Weight 0.5 kg
      Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
      Product type

      Sample, Bulk Cargo


      Black Phosphate, White Blue Zinc Plated, Yellow Zinc Plated, Nickel Plated, Ruspert, Dacromet, Hot Dip Galvanized


      5.5x60, 5.5x80, 5.5x100, 5.5x125, 5.5x150, 6.3x60, 6.3x80, 6.3x100, 6.3x125, 6.3x150, 6.3x175, 6.3x200, 6.3x500, 6.3x250, 6.3x275

      Packaging details

      1. We have several sizes of packing dimensions, can be 20kg or 25kg per carton;
      2. For large orders, we can design specific sizes of boxes and cartons;
      3. Normal Packing: 1000pcs/500pcs/250pcs per small box. then small boxes into cartons.
      4. Can provide special packings as middle east clients request;


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