November is a new beginning

November is the last month of the third quarter and the first month of the winter of 2020. Unknowingly, only one-sixth of 2020 is left. How were you doing in the first 10 months? How much gain? How much regret do you have?

2020 is an extraordinary year for Shimai. In 2019, Shimai's foreign trade has just picked up. Initially, 2020 was the year that Shimai plans to develop. It plans to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, visit foreign customers, welcome customers to visit the factory, etc., and plans to make the factory public, and release the raw materials, production process, packaging process, etc. to the public.

But at the beginning of 2020, the new coronavrius broke out. Many countries closed their countries and cities, which completely broke the plan of the time. After the year of China, the factories have not started construction, and the epidemic situation abroad has gradually become severe. Many orders have been delayed or cancelled. The goods waiting to be shipped could not be sent out, and the employees were unable to go out because of the lockdown. Export orders were actively reduced, and there was no gain for almost a month and a half.

In mid-March, the factory started production. In the following months, Shimai concentrated on researching the development of new products and formulated a series of plans to deal with the epidemic.

Finally, the number of orders gradually stabilized. During the purchasing festival in September, we obtained 45 For foreign trade orders, this is the month with the highest number of orders so far. It also means that we have successfully eliminated the impact of the new coronavrius. In the next three months, we will continue to work hard and create brilliance.

In the next three months, we will divide the export staff of Shimai into three groups. The names of the three groups are "Overlord Team", "Wang Bomb Team" and "Xiongqi Team". The names are very interesting and show that With the ambitions and desires of each team, I hope that they can be like the wolf on the snowy field, fearlessly, and run to glory.

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